Hard Skills & Software

  • - Highly skilled using Unreal Engine and Unity for level creation from start to finish. That includes level layout design and planning, greyboxing, basic modeling, lighting, and set dressing.
  • - Basic scripting using UE Blueprints
  • - Basic modeling using 3D tools such as Blender or Autodesk Maya
  • - Familiar with documentation and tasks/bugs tracking software such as Jira and Confluence and version control software such as Perforce.

Art Skills

  • - Excellent eye for composition, architectural space, and environment design. Solid arts background.
  • - Highly skilled in designing exciting and high-quality levels to meet the project´s requirements and deadlines.

Soft Skills

  • - Solid skills in oral, graphical, and written communication and documentation (through drawing, writing, floor plan drawings, sections, perspectives, PowerPoint slides and dialoguing).
  • - Proactive, self-directed and problem-solving oriented. Excited about teamwork and collaboration with other disciplines and departments.
  • - Willing to give and receive feedback, as well as implement it and nurture projects based on it.


Level Designer

2023 - Current

Streamline Studios

  • - Worked on roguelike, open world, platforming and shooter internal and external projects in collaboration with a multinational, multi-disciplinary team between Japan, United States, Colombia and Malaysia.
  • - Created and maintained level design documentation for all projects where I worked to communicate efficiently within the design team.
  • - Developed an ideation methodology for level design + game design + worldbuilding to address first stages of development and ideation.
  • - Created layouts for interactive gamified experiences and “beyond games” titles.
  • - Designed and modeled several levels for projects in PC and VR games that fully met expectations in quality and appeal (some of them yet to be shipped), doing ideation, greybox, basic lighting and set dressing.



Universidad de la Sabana Game Jam

  • - Level design mentor and jury in “Universidad de la Sabana Game Jam”. May 1st, 2nd and 3rd 2024, Bogotá.



Global Game Jam

  • - Level design mentor in “Global Game Jam”. Jan 22-28 2024, Bogotá.

Architectural Lead Designer

2018 - 2022

Ángulo 3

  • - Designed and modeled two building projects (a house and a factory) that completely met the client´s expectations regarding environment and experience, spatial complexity, lighting, and deadlines.
  • - Successfully implemented BIM /3D modeling tools and methodology into the company´s workflow and documentation protocols.
  • - Lead the design and planning of an educational building project that met all company´s design standards and was highly admired by the client, getting the company to be better ranked and respected.
  • - Modeled two of the company’s biggest projects in Revit and Autodesk Maya.
  • - Created architectural visualization for the projects using Unreal Engine 4, so the client got to understand the full experience and design of the project before it was built.


Level Designer Certificate

Oct 2021 - Dec 2021

CGMA (Computer Graphics Master Academy)

  • San Francisco, CA

Architect Degree

2011 - 2018

Universidad de los Andes

  • Bogotá, Colombia

Civil Engineer Degree

2011 - 2018

Universidad de los Andes

  • Bogotá, Colombia

Python Developer Certificate


Udemy Online Academy

Unreal Engine 4 C++ Developer


Udemy Online Academy



  • - Won a scholarship for GDC 2024, granted by “Tan Grande y Jugando, Colombia” to promising prospects of game development in Colombia. (2024).
  • - Finalist in the International Design Contest for San Francisco Fire Dept. Headquarters and got an honorable mention for posing an evocative, artistic, and engaging space and design. (2013).
  • - 3D Modeled the entire Sidney Opera House for composition and architectural analysis. (2019)
  • - Designed, modeled, and made all documentation for a hypothetical building focused on the environment, lighting, experience, and pacing as undergraduate final project.